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NEW Sport Weight 70% SW Bluefaced Leicester 30% Silk 5 x 112g/4oz PACK

NEW Sport Weight 70% SW Bluefaced Leicester 30% Silk 5 x 112g/4oz PACK

Ref: BFLSIL70304

Sport Weight

70% superwash Bluefaced Leicester 30% Mulberry Silk (4/11Nm)

Supplied on 4oz (112g) hanks.

Approx. 300m/112g (4 oz).

Bluefaced Leicester sheep are native to the UK. Their fibre has a micron count of around 26 and is strong, silky, and lustrous. It’s fine enough to wear next to the skin and durable enough to wear well. For added luxury, we have blended the BFL with mulberry silk, to produce a yarn with a silky sheen and plenty of drape. The yarn has 4 plies which gives good stitch definition and added strength.

With all this natural lustre, the dyed yarn throws back the light giving great depth and intensity to the colours.

Perfect for shawls, cardigans, jumpers, and gloves. Also suitable for no nylon socks if knitted at a tight gauge.

Please note, this yarn has not been steamed after spinning so will contain a small amount of harmless spinning oil. The yarn should be scoured (soak in warm water and mild detergent) before dyeing or knitting to remove these oils and allow the yarn to plump up.

5 x 112gm hanks = 560gms total

Recommended Needle Size: 2.75 - 3.75mm US 3-5) needles
Gauge (stocking stitch): 24 sts x 34 rows over 10cm/4 inches
on 3.75mm (US 5) needles

This is a limited edition yarn and is unlikely to be restocked. It was spun before we started splicing our yarns so knots, rather than splices, have been used to join the yarn ends when reeling. Accordingly, you may find the occasional joining knot in a hank.

Price: $53.87

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